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Bioenergetic Analysis | Vocal Expression | T.R.E.

Bioenergetic Analysis | Vocal Expression | T.R.E.

About me

Juan Carlos Garaizabal Jorge

Juan Carlos Garaizabal

It's been more than 30 years since driven by the need and pleasure of singing I started to follow with growing curiosity and passion the path of the Expression through the Voice. The intimate connections among psyche, emotion, body and vocal expression in artistic creativity and human relationships is the focus of my interest and research. An area where I move with clarity, freshness and creativity. The permanent contact with the voice allows me to have a deep understanding about the human voice in all its broadest sense and dimension. My everyday work takes place between two professional fields; artistic creativity and emotional and physical health.
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I graduated in Drama, I worked as a theater actor, and I combined my classical singing training with Speech Therapy studies. Afterwards I moved to London where I qualified in Voicework by the Royal Society of Arts and in Voice Movement Therapy Certificate. In the therapeutic line of Vocal Expression my sources are Paul Newham (inspired by the pioneering work of Alfred Wolfshon), Amayo Katherine-Barfred, and in the artistic creation of Vocal Expression I trained form a Roy Hart Theater approach with Siam Thomas, Linda Wise, Enrique Pardo, Noah Pikes, Vicente Fuentes and Pere Sais. With the aim of rooting the voice and its emotional expression in one’s own body and in the relationship with the other, I approached Bioenergetic Analysis. I trained as a therapist in this modality of psychosomatic psychotherapy at the I.I.B.A. I came across to T.R.E. and from its hand to a world of simplicity, depth, clarity, tranquillity and essence. T.R.E. discovered for me the dialogue with the neurogenic tremor and these conversations opened a way for the integration of the voice in the body and its development, orienting me towards a coherent continuity between body, voice emission and vocal expression.


I have extensive experience as a voice professional applied to performing arts, music, communication, psychotherapy and expression therapies. Trainer and Vocal Coach in different theater productions of Cp.Teatro UR, Minsk Youth Theatre (Belarus), 90 Unicornios, Oihulari Klow, Kabia among others; Vocal Performer in  Formación Dan-Te and BilbaoVozProject (platform for the development of vocal culture) creating the pieces “Conversations in the old house” “The conscience of the stone” “Images and words” with which he participates in the Dance Across Borders Festival, Amsterdam and takes him to the Festival of Sibiu, Romania.  He is an article writer for Artezblai Periódico Digital de las Artes Escénicas with the weekly section “Aclárate la Voz“, the Revista Musicoterapia C.I.M. “Yo soy mi Voz” “Tapices de Voz”, author of the chapter “La presencia en la Voz” edited by David Berceli in his last book “Shake it off: naturally“. Article “Homeopathy and Voice” for the medical blog hablandodehomeopatia .Co-author of the chapter “A Sharp end of medical care: reconnecting throuth ritual” together with Robin Karr_ Morsed and Jeltje Gordon -Lennox for the book “Ritual in Fearful Times: An Unexplored Resource for Coping with Trauma” to be published soon by Springer International Publishing . Author and Performer of the didactic chamber piece “No more boleros, gracias”.

Responsible for Vocal Expression and Technique in the Basque Country’s theatrical teaching centres, Master in Performing Arts U.P.V., and university music therapy programmes at national level (C.I.M. Bilbao and C.E.I.M. University of Extremadura). I participate as a guest lecturer in different therapeutic and artistic training programmes (Canarian Association of Music Therapy, Catholic University of Murcia Music Therapy Programme, Permanent Training for Teachers Cantabria, Zaragoza, Malaga).  Promoter and co-organiser of the first T.R.E© Training Programmes in Spain (Bilbao). He spreads T.R.E.© in Spain in the training, social and educational fields “Self-management of stress, Reduction of Anxiety and Deep Tension”. She gives lectures and workshops for organisations such as U.P.V., San Sebastian Music and Dance Municipal School, Ume Alaia, Osakidetza, F.E.D.E.R., Agintzari, Spanish Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytical Psychodrama, on the voice in relationships, “Vocal Impact: The voice in human relationships and health” and Stress Self-Management.

What I Do

Bioenergetic Analysis

“……you don´t have a body. You are your body……” (Alexander Lowen)

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Vocal Expression

“……the capacity to hold, contain and dominate the voice in identification with the body turns the concept of I am into a biological reality……” (Roy Hart)

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“…….just by showing myself as I am I can get other people to successfully search for their own authenticity…….” (Carl Rogers)

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When the quality of our life decreases due to our own difficulties , it is time to seek help. Individual sessions are conducted at my study in Bilbao and I usually run workshops on demand in other cities of Spain and abroad. Basically I work with adults on personal and professional issues and with those seeking to explore and expand their creative expression in their lives.


Panic attacks, stage fright and other forms of anxiety all shares elements scuh as deep muscle tension and inhibited breathing.
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Body and voice work approach allows us to go into where anxiety lives, the body without being blocked by mental chatter and offers tools that can be used to prevent or lessen the intensity of anxiety. Tools that you will be able to use by your self as a self-regolation method.


Lack of self-esteem makes us hold back. And what do we actually hold back? Our impulses! When we free the body, we free our impulses and when we’re comfortable with our impulses we feel good about ourselves.

Creative’s Block

The deep body and voice work approach and neurogenic tremor help us to gain access to the stream of energy that lives in us and show us diffetent ways to create – that propels our creative expression. When it flows, we create.


Being in touch with ourselves through a body- voice -oriented process helps us find purpose and direction in life and allows us to maximize our potential in whatever we undertake.


Depression can be immobilizing. Body and voice work will help us to go beyond the intellectual understanding of why we are down and helps us to mobilize the vital force which is needed to comeback to our lives.


Life is stressful. Living with it requires resilience. Learning to energetically inhabit your body will help you deal with the stresses and difficulties that life presents to us all.

Vocal Expression

The voice reveals. Is our voice robust and resonant or inexpressive and weak?. Nothing helps the production of sound more than effective work with the breath. When you free your mind/body from the constraints of holding back, your voice will make the sound of the passions that live inside you.

Artistic Expression

Deep body work and neurogenic tremor help us move through inhibitions toward freedom of expression. Because I come from a professional performing arts background, I am particularly sensitive and knowledgeable about the issues of creative people.

Social Phobia

Our thoughts can obsessively spin in our heads with preoccupation over how we are perceived by others. Neurogenic tremor helps us get out of our heads and gives us tangible tools to walk with ease among others.

Public Speaking

One of the biggest human fears is the fear of speaking in public ! Our fear of being exposed in front of someone´s face can unleash a huge amount of physical and emotional ractions which shorten our breath, inhibit our movement and paralyze our thinking.
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When we breathe we move and we feel ourselves and when we feel ourselves , we are moved to express ourselves and contact with others.


Soft and deep body work helps us with emotional expression. When we are comforted and helped to feel our losses we begin to heal.


Relationships are complicated. Knowing ourselves on a deep body level helps us to be in touch with our body feelings and that will heps us to kkep in touch with our perceptions, emotions and reality.
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Integrating mind and body means centering on ourselves and facilitates establish healthy relationships with others.


Working with the body and voice can not only help us become aware of our sexual blocks – it can help us move through them.


Trauma suffered in infancy and childhood is very different than that suffered in adulthood. Bioenergetic Analysis and T.R.E. are ideally suited to helping victims who have experienced trauma at any age.

Voice and Bodywork

Work with the body augments work with the mind. We think, we feel and we act. To work only with our thought processes, as many psychotherapies do, is like having a stool with one leg.
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Voice and bodywork integrates our understanding with active tools that help us to go beyond words and thoughts and into aliveness and action to produce real change.


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