“Coping Rituals in Fearful Times”

Hello!!! ­čśÇ It’s a pleasure to bring you the cover of this very interesting project in which I have taken part. Coping Rituals in Fearful Times” is about to be published in the Anglo-Saxon market by Springer Publishers and edited by Jeltje Gordon-Lennox. I am honoured to share these pages with personalities from the fields of anthropology, behavioural neurophysiology, philosophy, ecological sciences ……. such as Stephen W. Porgues, Liv Nilsson Stutz, Aophia Milisevic, Mae-Wan Ho, Alex N. Kamwaria, Ori Tavor and others.
Together with Robin Karr-Morse and Jeltje Gordon-Lennox I share the chapter entitled “At the Sharp End of Medical Care: Ritual, healing and Restoring Broken Connections”.
I am very grateful to the editor and fellow chapter member, Jeltje Gordon-Lennox, for her intuition, enthusiasm and absolute faith in what I could bring to the project; a way and an experience of the voice as a way of turning the skin, coming out of trauma, a tool for healing.

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