T.R.E. It arises from the observation of human behavior in situations of high stress, punctual or chronic, focusing attention on the natural mechanisms of response and restoration of the body in these situations. With experience T.R.E. it has been revealed as an approach to prevention and recovery on physical and emotional health. It consists of simple sequence raised in two phases body exercises, easy to make and easy to learn that you can practice alone as a self-help tool. no special physical condition is required to perform the sequence of exercises.

For what are the exercises?

Reduce the degree of anxiety and deep body tensions that remain and accumulate in the body as a result of chronic stress situations caused by personal or professional type. internal stress leads to physical, emotional and mental wear popularly known as the “burning” -burnt out- syndrome.

Who is it for?

The exercises T.R.E. have proven useful for different population profiles; professionals who are subject to a high level of mental, emotional and physical demands (teachers, police, military, health workers, social intervention, sportsmen …) and build a level of negative stress accumulated that undermines the quality of your personal life; people in social situations, domestic violence, workplace harassment, long-term care for sick relatives, etc …; People who suffer chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines … .; rehabilitation patients for surgery or injury; People with sleep disorders and for those who are in a process of recovery from a traumatic event (accidents, natural disasters, losses, ..)

How it works?

T.R.E. active natural neurological mechanisms of restoration of the organism. This regulatory mechanism, known as neurogenic tremor, whose function ease and let go of the patterns of physical stress on the body and reduce the psycho-emotional stress and anxiety to restore natural and gentle way to a state vitality, tranquility and relaxation balancing the functions of the nervous, immune, endocrine system and facilitating the restructuring of a joint and muscle level.

What we can provide?

Greater physical flexibility in muscle and joint plane, especially in the pelvic area and spine; favors the restoration of optimal muscle tone and prevents the development of contractures and movement restrictions due to poor posture; It reduces anxiety, insomnia; increases the energy available; It favors a state of mental clarity and relieves the disturbing emotional states; the quality of life of the chronically ill; It supports and facilitates the process of rehabilitation after surgery and injuries; promotes concentration, attention and creativity in the learning process.
As the exercises are done? in the context of a warm and safe environment each participant will explore the exercises from their physical abilities and at their own pace without the pressure to seek a result.