Bioenergetic Analysis is a psychotherapeutic method with a psychosomatic approach. It has been recognized at European level as a psychotherapeutic method with a scientific validity (EAP Association of European Psychotherapists) .Based on the continuity between the body and the mind, Bionergetic Analysis has its roots in the work of Wilhelm Reich and it was created by Alexander Lowen in 1956.

Bioenergetic Analysis, based on an energitc understanding combines a body, relational and analytical therapeutic work. It helps to release chronic muscle tension, to manage emotions, to expand the capacity of contact with himself, to resolve sexual difficulties and to learn new and more satisfying way to relate to others.

In individual psychotherapy, which goes beyond getting an absence of symptoms, the Bioenegetics Therapist focuses on the body language: postures, gestures, breathing, motility, expression; feels the persons emotions, listens and responds to the words and on this way hepls the patient to understand his own difficulties or reasons for his unhappiness and to connect what happens now with what happened in his past and how this past is reflected in his body, in his way of relating with others, in his lack of creativity to respond to situations in the life, and how his vital experiences create his inner world with its ghosts and its lights. The therapist will accompany the person in his process of regaining his body and inhabit it with greater vitality in order to deal with the challenges of life, and he will give supporting for the development of patient´s potential. The proposed tools are aimed to stimulate and enhance self-awareness, mobilize the energy dimension, to release the breath, rooting and enhance self-control while enhancing emotional expression and spontaneous movement.

The process involves the person in its entire psychophysical unity, in his experience of vitality, feeling in a fully way , restore the mobility and the expressiveness of his body, being in touch with the reality of his own way of living and buildig his life