The voice is a safe passage to our inner worlds, a return ticket  to the history of our relationships with others; a window to the auditory inheritance; trace of the cultural and historical environment in which we have grown; a footstep of our  adaptations to the environment, the sound of our character structure; a gateway to the immensity of our capacity as a human beings. A vocal incursión raised by   a humanist approach and rooted in the  understanding  of the body’s energy mechanisms and vocal physiology gives  to the voice its legitimate place as a means of expression in a more authentic, and  more integrated human communication.

My Approach on Vocal Expression, based on my personal and professional journey, creates a space for  understanding and acceptance that allows us to listen and feel our own voice; rediscover its spontaneity and look at its expressive possibilities and, from our own personal here and now, to meet the voices of the other. Regardless of whether the ultimate goal is artistic or personal. It is an Approach that facilitates the development of the vocal identity of the person through the somatic experience that involves moving the voice, singing, pronouncing;  a space of  expressive freedom  which is  away from  any previous aesthetic aesthetic conditioning. Unless, the person  is not looking for  a particular  vocal sound.

A large part of the work in my Approach on Vocal Expression is to demystify the  limiting images or fantasies  that we may have about the sounds of our voice by placing vocal somatic experience in a physical, symbolic, and relational place of safety. Having the experience of being able to integrate all these colors of our voice voice  will help us  to transform those images into creative capacity and vital energy. To locate and identify where we  hamper ourselves  in our  vocal expression development  it´s a priority in my Approach as well as to  identify our personal  features that give us personality and make us unique. Preserving voice security ,which is to say, to attend to those limits that ensure the integral health of the person  it will be the only limit. Respecting the vocal technique constructed by the person in the moment of working together it is another backbone in my work.Without imposing changes that generate insecurity.

Beyond the technical proposals used in my  Approach on Vocal Expression  we can find the way of listening and accompaniment, in short, the quality of presence. The quality of presence is the basis that sustains the process of the person in  his process of building up their own voice and vocal expression.  Exploration proposals or exercises, are not the important thing, but what the person finds and  what helps him in his way of moving his  voice, singing, saying. That`s the center of the work, the person. The methodology is intended to be used as a construction tool but it is not designed  to submit us to it.  Ending the sessions with a greater sense of our vocal abilities, more connected with our voices and  vocal expression will be our aim.

My Approach on Vocal Expression is addressed to  anyone who wants to give back to  himself   his own voice and for those who are  curious to explore and enhance their  genuine expression and vocal communication skills. Voice development  is not only for professionals. But it is  also for music therapists, counsellors psychotherapists, psicologist, psychiatrists, actors, singers, dancers, teachers, journalists, lawyers, commercials and for  any professional who uses his voice as working tool.

We can work together on

  • Public speaking
  • Conference preparation
  • Oral exams
  • Thesis defense
  • Interviews
  • Exhibition Projects
  • Leadership
  • Communication skills development
  • Vocal construction of characters
  • Problems in pronunciation
  • The verse and the prose
  • Body –Voicework and Movement  training for singers and actors
  • Individual style development for singers
  • Physical issues arising from the professional use of voice